Completion (Pre-Handover) Inspection

Building a new home is a major undertaking for many people. There are different stages to each component of your house build, and the property should be inspected before releasing any funds. The completion and pre-handover inspection can often be overlooked as your eyes are set on getting that set of keys. After the final inspection, you’ll attend a (hopefully) short meeting and get the keys to your new home.

At this time, it is very tempting to have a quick run through the property and tell your builder that everything is perfect. Avoiding this problem can be challenging for new homeowners. It is good practice to book in for completion and pre-handover inspection with Owner Inspections as soon as you’re notified that your house is ready.

A builder cannot prevent you or any authorised building inspector from accessing the property during regular working hours. Your builder will need to make themselves available for the inspector, as the final payment will not usually be made until the owner signs off on the final inspection.

Why Do You Need A Handover Inspection?

The handover inspection is the last time you can check for any problems with the house before the contract is finished. After the keys to your home are handed over, any issues are considered the homeowner’s responsibility, other than warranty-specific issues. Having your home inspected by Owner Inspections will give you peace of mind that everything is built to current industry standards.

What Will Our Property Inspector Do?

During the completion and pre-handover inspection, our inspector will examine any issues where you have a genuine concern, but the builder or contractor has not provided an adequate answer. Our inspector will examine the property and look for any issues that need to be addressed. These areas will include:

  • Exterior walls
  • Roof and flashing
  • Foundation
  • Every room, including any fixtures, fittings, door and window hardware
  • Drainage (if there was any required)
  • Ensure all work is completed
  • Inspect the quality of the work
  • Ensure the work is in line with the contract

The inspection will take around two hours, and you’ll receive a written report soon after the onsite inspection is completed. You can attend the property at the same time as the inspector if you wish.

What To Look For In A Pre-Handover Inspection

During a handover inspection, it is often left to the owner to check for any defects or problems that need to be fixed. This can be challenging for most people as they have limited experience dealing with new homes and may feel intimidated by suggesting the builder has done a bad job.

Engaging the services of a professional inspection service will often deliver the best results. At Owner Inspections, we can handle your completion and hand-over inspection and prepare a report that details everything that needs to be fixed or repaired before final payment is made and the keys are handed over to you.

You can consider using Owner Inspections services as your guide and a physical insurance policy to ensure your home is completed to the standard you expect. We’ll investigate the interior and exterior of your new home to ensure the build is made to the specifications listed in your contract. When it comes to home inspections, it always pays to have a qualified person examine the property.

If you’re about to take possession of your home, give our team a call to give it a final check-over.


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