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Homeowners and prospective home buyers know very well how big of an investment buying or constructing a new house is. That is why they research on the different ways they can get the best value from their investment and how to protect their investment.

This is why it’s important to find the right architect, designer, builder, developer, real estate agent, and building inspector to ensure that they are getting the deal out of their investment.

Building inspection companies can be found all over Australia. While this makes it seem easy to pick one in any state, it does not automatically guarantee that they will be the best choice. Building inspectors may be dime a dozen, but highly qualified and experienced ones must be the top contender.

How will the build go? Will everything be built to what you have requested from the builder and paid for? Will everything be built according to the standards? How can, you be sure?

Hiring an experienced private building inspection company can provide you with the peace of mind that your dream home is in safe hands. They will ensure that your home is being built to the Australian Standards and to your standards.

So how do you pick the perfect private building inspector?

  1. Are they a registered building practitioner?
  2. Is the company they work for registered with the Victorian Building Authority, NSW Fair Trading & The Queensland Building & Constructions Commission?
  3. Do they have more than 10 years’ experience in building and construction?
  4. Do they provide after care service after each inspection?
  5. Are they fully insured?
  6. Do they provide quick same day turn around with the reports?
  7. Do they work independently and provide unbiased opinion with each inspection?

If they answered yes to all the above, then you are one step closer to having the peace of mind that you dream home is in safe hands when it is inspected

According to the Your Career website of the Australian Government, building inspectors “inspect buildings to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and advise on building requirements”.

Building inspectors’ duties include inspecting structure, plumbing, electrical and other systems to ensure that they are up to code. They use survey instruments, testing equipment, and metering devices to fulfill their duties. During inspection, they take notes and photographic or even video documentation of their findings, which will be included in their inspection report. They certify whether the structure or plans are in compliance with the building regulations of the state where they are working in.

Building inspectors would usually have formal qualifications in building surveying work. Veterans in the field would have at least a decade’s worth of experience working in the building and construction industry and registered with the governing authority of the state.

When choosing a building inspection company look if their inspectors have the necessary qualifications for the job as well as the relevant experience. The combination of theoretical knowledge and actual experience in the field makes for an astute building inspector with a keen eye for detail for a thorough inspection.

Another criteria to be on the look out for is whether they are registered with the governing authority. In Queensland it is the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. In New South Wales, it is the NSW Fair Trading, while in Victoria it is the Victorian Building Commission. Their registration to these organisations assures that they know the building code of the state.

As with any service that requires interaction, it is important that the home inspectors are personable as well as knowledgeable. They must be able to explain clearly and in simple language the problems they come across. They must also be able to thoroughly inspect the build or property and provide a detailed report delivered in the fastest possible time.

Owner Inspections is the leading home building inspection company in Melbourne, Victoria. All of their inspectors have over 15 years of experience in the field and are registered with the Victorian Building Authority. They have also expanded their services to cover Sydney and Brisbane. Likewise, their inspectors in those cities are registered with the NSW Fair Trading and Queensland Building and Construction Commission respectively.

Owner Inspections has home inspections services available in NSW, VIC and QLD.


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