Fixing Inspection

The fixing and waterproofing inspection are technically two different things, but these are usually ready and inspected at the same time. When your home reaches this stage, it’ll be ready for paint and tiles, and it is the final chance you’ll get to inspect the work before it is covered up.

The fixing stage is when all the internal doors, skirting boards, and architraves are in place. The kitchen and cabinetry are installed, but you may not have the sinks or appliances completed.

Having your home inspected by Owner Inspections will ensure this stage is completed correctly.

What Is A Fixing Inspection Report?

During the fixing inspection, our inspectors will examine the following:

  • Plasterboard installation
  • Kitchen joinery and stairs (if applicable)
  • All doors, windows, skirting boards and architraves

How Much Does A Fixing Inspection Cost?

The fixing stage is the last chance to ensure plasterboard and wet areas are finished before painting and tiles are applied. The cost of having a professional inspector check these areas is often insignificant when compared to the potential repair bill caused by improperly installed waterproofing.

The cost of a fixing inspection can depend on the size of your home. The inspection will only take a few hours to complete, and you’ll receive a written fixing and waterproofing report within 48 hours.

Where To Get A Fixing Inspection Report?

Owner Inspections can complete a fixing inspection on your home when your builder lets you know the house is ready. The fixing stage of a new home is often a marker for the release of funds to your builder, and it is an essential step in your construction.

Having a professional inspector examine your home’s fixing is an investment in your property. Book today with Owner Inspections for a qualified inspector to visit your property and save yourself the headache of future problems.



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