Frame Inspection

Owner Inspections can complete a frame inspection on your project to ensure accuracy and compliance with current building codes. As a building approaches the completion of the frame stage, your builder will notify you it is ready for inspection. After the home is inspected, the release of funds is usually required before the project can continue.

A frame inspection will indicate any deficiencies, defects, or other issues (such as non-compliant work) in the frame. When the frame stage is reached, the builder’s surveyor will attend the construction site and complete a series of checks. However, in our experience, these surveyors can miss many details, and the owner should secure the services of an independent inspector.

House Frame Inspection

Owner Inspections have completed many independent inspections of houses and other buildings at the frame stage. With our frame inspection services, you’ll be provided with a detailed written report that outlines any issues that need to be addressed before the builder is authorised to move to the next stage of construction.

In our experience, some common issues are found at the frame stage. These issues include:

  • Wall overhanging the slab
  • Roof trusses not correctly secured onto walls
  • Walls out of plumb or in the wrong location

During our inspection, we’ll pay particular attention to these areas and complete a check of the rest of the building. The exact nature of the frame stage will depend on your contract, and in some double-storey homes, the garage and other lower roof areas are not included.

Timber Frame Inspection Checklist

When building a new home, the timber frame stage is often a point where funds are released to the builder. An inspection should occur at this stage before the owner signs off and authorises work to continue. At Owner Inspections, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection and will examine many elements of the building, including:

  • A visual check that all framing is straight and plumb
  • Wall framing is at the correct spacing, with blocking and nogging installed properly
  • The connection of frame members is completed
  • Under-slab connections are in the correct locations
  • Roof trusses are installed and braced
  • Fascia and gutters are installed (if included at this stage)
  • Window and door frames are in the correct positions
  • A visual check of any termite barriers (if included in your build)

Building And Pest Inspection Time Frame

The average time to complete a frame inspection is 1-2 hours. This time will vary depending on the size of your home and if many faults are discovered. After the inspection, you’ll receive a written report, which can take a day or two to prepare and finalise.

If you’re in the process of building a new home or renovating an old home, you can call on Owner Inspections to complete an independent frame inspection. We’ll check over the structure and inform you of any problems that need to be addressed before the next stage of your project. The frame inspection is a vital process when building a new home.

With a report from Owner Inspections, you can request your builder to fix any issues shown in the report before releasing further funds and work on the home continues. If you’ve been notified that your home is ready for a frame inspection, call our team today and book in for one of our inspectors to attend your site.


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