Scott Schedules

Scott Schedules are documents that will assist judges in determining court cases and disputes. In these documents, three sections will be completed. The plaintiff will provide evidence for the defects in the building, how they can be rectified, and all associated costs. The respondent will also fill out their response and what they consider needs to be completed. The court completes the final section and decides who is responsible for the costs of any repairs.

What is a Scott Schedule?

A Scott Schedule will provide a detailed account of what needs to be repaired and who is to make the repairs when a dispute between two parties is settled in court. A Scott Schedule aims to indicate the defects of a property and the rectification costs. The Scott Schedule can indicate if the errors were caused by poor workmanship, non-compliant work, or unauthorised work. In court or at a hearing, the Scott Schedule can be used by the judge to determine who is responsible for the issues outlined and the total costs awarded.


A Registered Quantity Surveyor with technical knowledge and experience in construction will prepare the Scott Schedule. The person completing Scott Schedules will need to consider all the costs associated with repairing issues with a building. In the Scott Schedule, there may be items that the builder agrees with the costs outlined and other areas where they do not. The court will focus on the items in dispute and call on expert witnesses from the plaintiff and the defendant.

When should you get a Scott Schedule?

A Scott Schedule is a standard tool used in the building industry as it helps to outline a project and keep everyone informed of who is responsible for what. The courts in Australia will use Scott Schedules to determine precisely what the issues are with a particular building and what the cost of repairs will include.


When Scott Schedules are prepared, they will be presented to the court, explaining the issues with a particular building project using basic terminology. In a hearing, the Scott Schedule will be used as evidence, and an Expert Witness may be called to answer any questions from the court. As the court will usually not visit the building site, Scott Schedules must be written clearly so everyone can understand the issues and what needs to happen to correct these issues.


If you are involved in a hearing or court case with a builder, you should have a Scott Schedule prepared by a Registered Quantity Surveyor.


Who provides a Scott Schedule?

When you need to have a Scott Schedule completed, it is best to obtain the services of a qualified team with experience in these matters. At Owner Inspection, our qualified inspectors can provide the expert witness account and a Scott Schedule.


A Scott Schedule is an essential document in cases where you have a dispute with your builder. It will be used by the court to determine who is at fault and what reparations need to be made. The court will only accept a Scott Schedule that a suitable Building Expert Witness prepares.


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